In his youth, Lawrence recognized the ongoing degradation by Mankind of the Plant and Animal Kingdoms, and the environment, and later in life dedicated himself to finding effective environmental solutions for the benefit of all life forms.

In 2003, he decided to collect all his conservation activities under one banner and establish an organization that would carry out his vision towards the attainment of a safeguarded and improving planetary environment, in which all life flourishes. And The Earth Organization was born.

General resume.

Born 17th September 1950 in Johannesburg South Africa Lawrence Anthony is an internationally acclaimed conservationist, environmentalist, explorer, and bestselling author. 

 Given the epithet South Africas conservation giant Anthony was also named in Washington DC by respected author and explorer Tom Clynes, as one of his six most influential and impressive people.

Anthony sits on the Governing Council of the South African Association for the Advancement of Science, S2A3, South Africas oldest scientific association. He is an international member of the esteemed Explorers Club of New York.



King Edward 7th High School. Matriculated at Empangeni High school in Zululand 1968.



Anthony is resident on the Thula Thula Game Reserve in South Africa. He is married to Francoise. He has two sons and two grandsons.


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An acknowledged African wildlife expert, Anthony is perhaps best known for his bold conservation initiatives, including the internationally acclaimed rescue of the Baghdad Zoo at the height of the US invasion of Iraq in April 2003, and his expeditions into the jungles of Southern Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, in an attempt to keep the Northern White Rhino [Ceratotherium simum cottoni] from extinction.

Anthonys primary focus is his conservation and environmental work with remote rural African communities. He has created two new African Game Reserves.



Anthony is the founder of the Earth Organization, an independent international conservation and environmental organization with a strong scientific orientation. Earth Org as it is popularly known has its head office in South Africa and operates in seventeen countries.

The Earth Organization is the only affiliate of the South African Association for the Advancement of Science [S2A3] The Presidents of both S2A3, and the prestigious Royal Society of South Africa sit on the Earth Org Scientific Advisory Board.



Anthony is owner and long standing head of conservation on the Thula Thula Game reserve in Kwa Zulu Natal South Africa. Thula Thula is the oldest private game reserve in Kwa Zulu Natal.


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Anthonys personal wildlife focus for many years  has been the African Elephant. His specialised initiatives have seen the rehabilitation of previous rogue and traumatised elephant, and their reintegration into stable herds in the wild.



Anthony is a bestselling author

Author of: Babylons Ark, The incredible wartime rescue of the Baghdad Zoo. Babylons Ark won critical acclaim from the American Library Association [Booklist] as Editors Choice in 2008, in the category Adult Books for Young Adults. Babylons Ark is published internationally in English, French, Japanese, and Korean.

Anthonys second book The Elephant Whisperer, is a non-fiction account of his relationship with wild elephants and the unique techniques he evolved to stabilize traumatised individuals and herds. The Elephant Whisperer is published in English, French, German, Italian and Chinese. See Amazon Elephant Whisperer Page here. 



In 2007 Lawrence submitted the Wildlife in Warzones draft resolution to the United Nations in New York. The draft resolution obliges member states to protect wildlife and the environment in war zones and to treat zoos, game reserves, marine parks, veterinary facilities and game rangers as illegitimate targets of war. The resolution is being actively pursued internationally and is finding strong support and traction amongst member states. See the details here 


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Anthonys rescue of the Baghdad Zoo, the biggest Zoo in the Middle East during the coalition invasion of Iraq in April 2003 received international acclaim.

After the invasion Anthony was appointed administrator of the Baghdad Zoo by the US Army, responsible for the stabilization and rehabilitation of wildlife and overseeing veterinarian care. Anthony and his colleagues subsequently rescued and cared for traumatised animals from all over Baghdad during the war including the menageries rescued from the palaces of the Hussein family.

This initiative by a South African was recognised by both the US and Iraqi governments and Anthony received the US 3rd Infantry division regimental medal for bravery for his work. This medal is only awarded during active combat.

See CBS video of the Baghdad Zoo rescue 



Anthonys principle conservation and environmental focus has been the meaningful involvement of remote rural communities in the benefits of conservation. This has and is being achieved through education and involvement of local communities in conservation projects on their own traditional land.

Anthony has created two new African reserves. The forming Royal Zulu project situated south of the Umfolozi game reserve in KZN which involves five local communities in a joint venture community conservation project has been described as one of Africas most significant conservation initiatives. The Mayibuye community Game reserve at Camperdown KZN presently under construction.

See CNN video on the Royal Zulu project 



Between 2002 and 2004 Anthony took part leave from his conservation activities to work with the countries future leaders in a non political role during the evolution to democracy.

Anthony served on the Transitional Executive Committee [TEC] panel which appointed the first non racial board of directors of the South African Broadcasting Corporation. [SABC] in live televised interviews

Anthony also served on the TEC committee which appointed the National Film Board.

Anthony made a formal submission and appeared before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission [TRC] with the CCHR submission on the root causes of racism and apartheid in South Africa



Anthony was formally invited to attend the first ever Iraq Human Rights Conference held inDahuk, Kurdistan in 2003 at the invitation of the Minister of Human Rights as one of four principle guest speakers,. This ground breaking conference started the formal process for the introduction of Human Rights legislation into Iraq.  

Anthony formally presented the South African model for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to members of the Iraq Governing Council and senior members of the Iraq judiciary in Baghdad in 2003.

In 2007 Anthony conducted a unique expedition deep into jungles of the Democratic Republic of Congo to meet with leaders of the notorious Lords Resistance Army [LRA] a Ugandan rebel group involved in a twenty year war with the Ugandan government. He was the first outsider ever to be granted permission to enter the LRAS secret jungle bases.

 Anthony lived with the LRA leaders and addressed the entire military high command on the need for peace. During these meetings Anthony reinforced the previous agreements reached in Juba Southern Sudan with the political wing of the LRA to protect the critically endangered Northern White Rhino and the Congo Pygmy Giraffe and grant indemnity to conservationists and game rangers in the war zone.

This created an international legal precedent as the first time an agreement between warring parties on nature and environmental protection had been submitted as an official document to United Nations sponsored peace talks



Anthony is involved in charitable institutions in KZN including trustee for Do I Care Enough [DICE] a thirty year old family owned charity which focuses on disadvantaged children, the elderly and Aids afflicted families. He has long been involved in moral upliftment projects in local communities.



A major Hollywood film production about the Baghdad Zoo recue under the title Good Luck Mr Anthony has been commissioned by Beacon Pictures in Los Angeles.


The script for the movie The Elephant Whisperer is under production.



Anthony has conducted expeditions into remote jungle areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Southern Sudan, and into Iraq. These expeditions resulted in an invitation to become international member of the esteemed Explorers Club of New York. The Explorers Club is a multi-disciplinary society dedicated to advancing field research and scientific exploration. See  



Anthony is an accomplished international speaker and has been invited to give keynote addresses on environmental and conservation matters at prestigious venues such as The British Museum of Natural History, the Explorers Club of New York, and the 2009 International Inter-parliamentary Conference in the USA amongst others.



Recipient of the United Nations "Earth Day Medal" presented at the United Nations in New York in 2004. (Previous winners include Al Gore).

Recipient of the Earth Society "Earth Trustee" award presented at the United Nations in 2004.

TheRotary InternationalPaul HarrisFellowship for outstanding contribution to the ideals of Rotary

Recipient the "IAS Freedom Medal" presented in England in 1996.

Recipient of the Global Nature Fund "Best Conservation Practice" award for:"A remarkable contribution to nature conservation and environmental protection," presented at the international "Living Lakes" conference in 1998.

Recipient of the US Army 3rd Infantry Division "Regimental Medal" for bravery for the rescue of the Baghdad Zoo during the Coalition invasion of Iraq in 2003. This 3rd ID medal is onlyawarded during active service.

Recipient 2005 Umhlatuzi [Richards Bay/Empangeni] Mayoral award for "Outstanding community service."

At a presentation in Washington, DC, respected author and journalist Tom Clynes named South African conservationist Lawrence Anthony amongst his six most impressive and influential people in a lifetime of reporting. Other names on the list include such luminaries as Sir Edmund Hilary.

Finalist: 2008 South African Man of the Year.



Member of the National Council of the South African Association for the Advancement of science [S2A3]

International member of the esteemed Explorers Club of New York.



Lawrence's life and work have been the focus of international media including SKY TV, BBC, CNN, CBS, Al JAZEERA, SABC TV and others, as well as leading radio stations and newspapers around the world.

His activities have appeared numerous international magazines, including Readers Digest, The Explorers Journal, Men's Journal, The Smithsonian, Shape Magazine, Elle Magazine, , and in South Africa, Mens Health, SAA In-flight magazine, Africa Geographic, Getaway, Sari, You, Huisgenoot, and others.



Mathew Choate editor SA the Goodnews.

What Anthony has started is nothing short of incredible. He is one of those rare people who do not recognise their own magnanimity and influence. He has begun so much and led the world in a new direction, undaunted by the challenges he faces. We have one of the world's greatest conservation ambassadors residing in our borders, and we should be getting to know him better, because men like him are hard to find, especially when the future of the world is at stake. The Good News Article

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